Zuni Fetish Carvings Just In

Mar 11, 2014

Andres Quandelacy Zuni Fetish Necklaces


Stuart Quandelacy Zuni Fetishes




Georgia Quandelacy Zuni fetish necklaces

Sandra Quandelacy Zuni Fetish Necklaces

Robert Weahkee, an up and coming  contemporary Zuni fetish carver

 Check out our new Troy Sice Zuni Fetishes

Check out our new Albenita Yunie Zuni Fetish Necklace

Check out our new collection of Ray Tsalate Zuni Fetishes

Click here and browse our new Zuni necklace and fetishes by Troy Sice

New Lena Boone Zuni Fetish Directional Set Necklace

Check out our limited edition of 5 rare melon shell heishe zuni fetish necklaces, by Dinah Gasper

Click to see our new zuni fetish necklaces by Debra Gasper 

Our Last Dinah and Peter (diseased) Gasper Zuni Fetish 3 strand necklace 

Check out our new collection of Zuni Fetishes from Bryson Bobelu

Edna Leki Fetish Bowl

Zuni Fetish Bowl by Edna leki

Click to see our new Bryson Bobelu Green Snail Shell Fetish Collection

New Debra Gasper Zuni Fetishes

Bryson Bobelu - Zuni Fetishes Carver

Check out our new addition to our Leland Boone Collection

David Tsikewa Zuni fetish Necklace

David Tsikewa Zuni Fetish Necklace

Unknown Artists Collaborative 5 strand Fetish Necklace

Myron Panteah Argentium Silver Jewelry (SIJ)

Our new collection of Bernard Homer Jr. Zuni Fetishes

Rare Lavina Kaskalla 3 Strand Zuni Fetish Necklace Summer Sale Special

Check out our new collection of Miniature Zuni Fetishes

Todd Weskita Fetishes

Sheldon and Nancy Westika Fetish Necklaces

 Our new collection of Troy Sice Zuni Fetishes

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