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Handmade animal carvings (those made by the Zuni Pueblo people of New Mexico) are called Zuni Fetish Carvings. These Zuni fetishes have been with us since before recorded history. Zuni Fetishes are used by shaman to heal the sick and dying, by travelers for safe passage and in general to bring good fortune and prosperity to their owner.

It is believed that living creatures have a spirit. And as these spirits transition from one form to another they reside in nature while waiting for a new life. It is the form they take in rock while waiting that interests us here.  The best Zuni Fetish carvers can see these spirits and carve the rock in such a way to release the spirit from the host stone. Sometimes the spirit is so clearly visible in the Zuni Fetish that anyone can see it and that is called a concretion. 

The Zuni people believe the spirit of the animal and its power (its strength, cunning, vision and other properties as well) can become theirs by exchanging breath with the stone carving. Exhaling into its mouth and drawing in breath from the mouth of the carving. It is through this process that the owner can have the strength of a bear, the vision of an eagle, the power of a mountain lion… 

It is through these beliefs and the Zuni desire to pay respect to nature that beauty is born. Come join us on our journey. We wish to share, understand and respect this aspect of the Zuni culture and enjoy the many beautiful forms in which a Zuni Fetish can take. by Sedonawolf 


Sedonawolf was among the first online websites that featured high quality Zuni Fetish collections. We created Sedonawolf.com  in 1996. Since the very beginning we have avoided routine tourist (cookie cutter) Zuni Fetish carvings and focused our attention on highest quality Zuni Fetishes handcrafted by top Zuni carvers such as: Francis Leekya, Troy Sice, Colvin Piena, Max Laate, Pernell Laate and many other noted carvers . Call us if you have older, high quality Zuni Fetish collections you wish to sell.

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Sedonawolf  focuses on Zuni Fetish carvings as an art form as well as the intended sacred objects they are meant to be.  We are a top ranked website with lots of photos,  important text, and a credible reference source you will probably often visit.  Click to see our see our Zuni Fetish information page.

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