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A guide to Zuni Fetish Carvers

Here is a directory of  Zuni Fetish Carvers sorted by their last name. We have included an example of their carvings to help you explore. Click on the image or text to go directly to that carver.  There you will find artist information, detailed photos and fetishes for sale.   Enjoy your visit.  Call 800 462 8536  to order…

Thelma and Aaron Sheche Zuni Fetish Carvings

Thelma and Aaron Sheche Zuni Fetish Carvings

 Thelma and Aaron Sheche

Bryson BobeluBryson Bobelu Zuni Animal Lion Fetish CarvingDaniel Chattin Daniel Chattin Zuni Corn Maiden CarvingLance CheamaLance Cheama LionDerrick & Elton Kaamasee

Dinah Peter Gasper

Dinah Peter Gaspr Frog

Alvin Haloo

Alvin Haloo Badger

Rickson Kalestewa

Rickson Kalestewa Bear

Laiwakete Brothers

Laiwakete brothers

Frances Leekya

Frances Leekya bear

Freddie Leekya

Freddie Leekya frog

Robbie Leekya

Robbie Leekya Wolf

Dale Manali

Dale Manali lizards

Old Man Halate (ZFE)

Old Man Halate Wolf

Colvin Peina

Colin Peina Maiden

Hubert Pincion

Hubert Pincion Horse

Jovanna Poblano

Jovanna Poblano Maiden

Faye Quandelacy

Faye Quandelacy maidens

Abby Quam

Abby Quam lion

Dan Quam

Dan Quam Wolf

Annette Tsikewa

Annette Tsikewa turtle

Todd Westika

Jimmy Yawakia bear

Jimmy YawakiaLena BooneLena Boone Zuni Animal Bear Fetish CarvingEphran ChavezEphran Chavez bearWilfred CheamaWilfred Cheama CatBrummet EpalooseEpaloose Brummet Badger

Debra Gasper

Debra Gasper Bear

Eddington Hannaweeke

Eddington Hannaweeke Bear

Marnella Kucate

Marnella Kucate

Maxx Laate

Maxx Laate Spider

Bernie Laselute

Bernie Laselute lizard

Delvin Leekya

Delvin Leekya coy

Travis Lasiloo

Travis Lasiloo Eagle

Staley Natewea

Staley Natewa

Clayton Panteah

Clayton Panteah dillo

Claudia Peina & Gabe Sice

Claudia Peina Maiden

Andres Quandelacy

Andres Quandelacy bear

Stewart Quandelacy

Stewart Quandelacy Bear

Lynn Quam

Lynn Quam bear

Prudencia Quam

Prudencia Quam

Thelma & Aaron Sheche

Thelma & Aaron Sheche bird

Troy Sice

Troy Sice Bear

Robert Weahkee 

Albenita Yunie

Albenita Yunie

Albenita Yunie Leland BooneLeland Boone Zuni Animal mole Fetish CarvingFabian CheamaMichael CobleMichael Colbe birdEmery EriachoEriacho

Herbert Him

Herbert Him Turtle

Homer Family

Homer Family

Pernell Laate

Pernell Laate ant

Leekya Deyuse

Leekya Deyuse bear

Hayes Leekya

Hayes Leekya Frog

Lasiloo Mahooty

Lasiloo Mahooty bear

Vern Nieto

Vern Nieto lizard

Daniel Chattin & Veronica Poblano (SIJ)

Dylan Poblano bird

Sandra Quandelacy

Sandra Quandelacy Maiden

Stuart Quandelacy

Stuart Quandelacy Maiden

Lorindina Sheche

Lordina Sheche

Jayne Quam

Jayne Quam Bear

Jeff Shetima

Jeff Shetima Totem

Bill Tsikewa

Bill Tsikewa Bear

Garrick Weekya

Garrick Weekya Eagle

Karen Zuni

Karen Zuni Turtle