Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Zuni Fetish Eagles

Zuni Fetish Eagle Carvings

Zuni eagle fetishes are used to hunt small game. They are the Zuni protective fetish animal
of the upper region and protect us from harm from the sky.

Zuni fetish eagles give us insight into ourselves and others.

Zuni Fetish Serpentine Eagle

with Carved Eagles on the Base

Carved by Travis Nieto

4″ tall x 2 7/8″ wide


(Jeanine Fenton Collection)


Zuni Fetish Dolomite Eagle with Turquoise and Coral inlay

Carved by Delvin Leekya

3 “



Zuni Fetish Zuni Rock Bird with Turquoise, Coral inlay

Carved by Freddie Leekya

3″ tall




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