Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Zuni Fetish Meanings

Zuni Fetish Meanings –
The collectors guide to Zuni fetish meanings, traditions and use of Zuni Fetishes  

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Zuni Fetishes are consulted when the spirit of an animal can help solve a problem.

Zuni fetishes are carried when the power of the animal is needed to accomplish a specific task

a safe journey a successful hunt a good crop An offering of corn meal and water is often kept near a fetish

Breath represents the living spirit. The exchange of breath is necessary for requesting help from a Zuni fetish. The fetish owner holds his fetish close to his lips and breathes over the fetish. Then deeply breathes in the spirit of the fetish.

Some Zuni fetishes have heart lines. Sometimes the heartline is naturally in the pattern of the stone itself Sometimes it is inlaid in the fetish by the carver.

Heart lines start at the mouth of the fetish (where breath gives life) and point to the soul (where faith, spirit and inner strength reside).

Tied to the back of many Zuni fetishes are medicine,or offering bundles of gemstones – to help prayers be heard.

Also, an arrowhead is often there to protect the fetish on its journey.

Offering bundles are bound to the fetish with sinew, because sinew (muscle fiber) is strength.

Coral in the bundle represents ocean life.

Turquoise represent the sky, birds.

Black is for night creatures.

Brown is earth.

White is winter.

Zuni Fetish Animals

Eagle – The power of the Great Spirit, a connection to Creation

Hawk – Messenger from the Gods, to see what is before you

Elk – Gives us stamina, pace yourself

Deer – Teaches us gentleness

Bear – Strength, power from within, spiritual guide

Snake – Creation, to guide us in the circle of  life, death, and rebirth

Skunk – Self respect, help us gain inner strength and an honored reputation

Otter – Women medicine, balanced femininity

Butterfly – The ability to change, to move on

Turtle – Oldest symbol of mother earth – symbol of longevity and confidence (centered and secure self)

Moose – Self esteem, confidence

Porcupine – Faith and trust

Coyote – The master trickster who tricks himself – laughter, humor, foolishness.

Dog – Loyalty and friendship

Wolf – Teacher, Pathfinder, Survivor

Raven – Magic, the messenger of the great mystery;   A change in consciousness.

Mountain Lion – Leadership

Bobcat (Lynx) – The ability to see the future.

Buffalo – Abundance, Sacred prophet

Mouse – Attention to detail

Owl – Wisdom, deception, to see what others cannot.

Beaver – Achievement, builder

Opossum – Strategist

Crow – Keeper of sacred law

Fox – To become one with your surroundings.  To move unnoticed.

Squirrel – gather and store for the future