Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Zuni Fetish Corn Maidens

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Derrick Kaamasee
Fossil Ivory Corn Maiden



Zuni Fetish Black Marble Corn Maiden

Carved by Jonathon Natewa



Zuni Fetish Antler Corn Maiden

Carved by Troy Sice



Colvin Peina Zuni fetish Corn Maiden

Large Stabilized Coral Maiden with Child

< with gem coral and turquoise petite point >

3 1/2″ tall


Sandra Quandelacy 2 Malachite Maidens

< with lapis, coral, turquoise, and
Sunface adornment >

3 1/4″


Colvin Peina Zuni Fetish Corn Maiden

Fossil Ivory Shalako Maiden

2 5/8″


Medicine Bag included

Corn Maidens 1  Corn Maidens 2

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