Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Lorindina Sheche

Lorindina Sheche

Lorindina Sheche traditional authentic Zuni Fetish Carvings

Lorindina Sheche is a traditional Zuni Fetish Carver
photo 2011

Lorindina Sheche carves in the old Sheche/Kucate style. Lorindina is the
daughter of Aaron and Thelma Sheche. Thelma is the daughter
of Teddy Kucate. Teddy Kucate was the earliest recorded Zuni fetish carver.

While carvings made earlier then those of Theodore Kucate may exist outside
of Zuni, their provenance is not known and authenticity should be well researched.

Teddy Kucate lived a long and productive life. Lorindina remembers him. Lorindina
is the last of the Sheche Kucate carvers. Lorindina’s carvings are very accurate
replicas of ancient Zuni fetishes.

Lorindina has a great respect for her heritage. Many of the fetishes Lorindina
carves (like those of her mother and father before her) are a direct links
to the Zuni fetishes of pre history. They are accurate and authentic
representations of Zuni religious icons.

Thelma Sheche
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The Zuni pre-historic fetish carvings presented here are all authentic replicas of those
carved by Teddy Kucate (Lorindina’s grandfather) and documented by Frank Cushing in
1887 for the United States Government.


Thelma and Lorindina bless their fetishes before they sell them.
They pray their fetishes bring blessings and protection…
I find they do… and others tell me same.

Here is a rare Lorindina Sheche Necklace made with Penn Shell, 13 Amber fetishes, and Turquoise and sinew wraps at the ends
29″ in length

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Lorindina Sheche Serpentine Zuni Fetish Eagle- Frank Hamilton Cushing Era

Inlaid with Turquoise
3″ by 1″

Lorindina S 1  Lorindina S 2  Lorindina S 3  Lorindina S 4  Lorindina S 5  Lorindina S 6  Lorindina S 7  Lorindina S 8  Lorindina S Directional set

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