Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Lance Cheama

Lance Cheama

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October 97′ I had the pleasure this trip of spending the better part of a day with Lance Cheama and his brothers Dan Quam and Wilfred and some of their friends.

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As we all talked, Lance worked on a Wolf fetish.

He would pick it up, hold it to the wheel for a few moments, then put it down.

Each time letting me see the progress. This wolf fetish seemed to come alive before my eyes. It did not seem possible thatin those brief moments the stone touched the wheel the stone could evolve so.

Rather, it was as if Lance willed a stone to life. The grinding was irrelevant.

Lance Cheama Zuni Fetish Lizard

Carved out of Serpentine nicely carved

3 5/8″ long

$ 325

Zuni Fetish Serpentine Wolf

Carved by Lance Cheama

3 3/4″


Lance Cheama

Brown Picasso Marble Female Mountain Lion

3 1/2″


Lance Cheama Picasso Marble Mountain Lion

This is among the first Mountain Lion carvings I have ever seen from Lance.

Very Large 5 1/2″ long


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