Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Rickson Kalestewa

Rickson Kalestewa

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Rickson & wife, Dinette

Like many Zuni carvers, Rickson Kalestewa is carrying forward a tradition set in motion generations ago.

However, Rickson’s visions are more then traditional.

While his carvings most definitely retain the Zuni respect for nature, animals and fetishism.

His fetishes have an abstract spirit – full of playful charm.

The mark of the finest carvers is there ability to give life to each individual fetish.  This is true of even the smallest Rickson carving.  Each Rickson stands as an original work made with care, love, and spirit.

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Simon Bica Rickson Kalestewa’s grandfather

Rickson Kalestewa Zuni Fetish

Alabaster Bear Cub

4 1/2″


Rickson Kalestewa Zuni Fetish

Alabaster Mountain Lion

with offering bowl

5 1/2″


Zuni Fetish Alabaster Mountain Lion “A”

Carved by Rickson Kalestewa

5 1/4″


Rickson Kalestewa Zuni Fetish Bear Family


2 bears have there own bowls, 3rd has a fish

6 1/8″


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