Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Janine Fenton “Old Man” Halate Zuni Fetish Collection

Janine Fenton “Old Man” Leonard Halate (Deceased)Zuni Fetish Collection

Old Man Halate (Deceased) was a Zuni legend. He would wonder the Pueblo, seemingly
 in another world. He rarely spoke. He expressed himself through his carving.
Leonard passed away some years ago. The few carvings Leonard made during
 those last years of his life were bought as soon as they were made.
These are rare Zuni treasures.

Leonard Halate lived in another time and his carvings are a
reflection of that time.

For a short time after Leonard’s death, a few copies were made by some of
Leonard’s family. They attempt to recreate the original Leonard Halate fetish
carvings… the copies have a charm of their own but are not the orginal
Leonard Halate’s.

Old Man Leonard Halate (Deceased)Zuni Fetish Wolf/Mountain Lion

Carved from Lime Serpentine
with natural Robbins Egg Blue Turquoise and deep Ox Blood Red Coral

circa 1998

2 1/2″


Old Man Leonard Halate (Deceased) Zuni Fetish Dinosaur

Carved from Antler with Green Snail Shell Spine, sprinkled in turquoise, and Red Coral Eyes


8 1/2″


Old Man Leonard Halate(Deceased) Zuni Fetish wolf

Carved from Antler with a Turquoise offering wrapped in sinew and beads, Turquoise Eyes, and Coral nostriles and tongue


5 1/2″