Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Marnella Kucate

Marnella Kucate

Thelma Sheche, Marnella and Terlisha

Marnella Kucate is the granddaughter of Thelma and Aaron Sheche.

She was raised by Thelma and Aaron and they taught her to carve. Marnella’s carvings are in the traditional Sheche / Kucate style.

Of all the Sheche carvers, Marnella’s carvings are the most
refined. Her fetish carvings are highly polished
and detailed.

Marnella interests now are in another direction and she
no longer carves nor lives in Zuni.

Lorindina Sheche, Thelma and Aaron’s daughter is the last
of the true Sheche / Kucate carvers. Lorindina’s carvings
are true to the original pre-historic Zuni fetish carvings
as seen in the Frank Cushing documents sent to the
United States Government in the 1880’s.


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