Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

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Andres Quandelacy Zuni Fetish Carvings

Here is a fine collection of Andres Quandelacy Zuni fetish carvings and Zuni fetish necklaces.
Andres carves in a contemporary style. While his Zuni Fetish Carvings still retain traditional elements,  they have a modern, abstract quality.

Andres Quandelacy carvings are quite unique and easily recognized.




Andres Quandelacy “Crazy Horse” Magnasite Zuni Fetish Wolf /Coyote

This fetish is made from Crazy Horse Magnasite.  Crazy Horse Magnasite is a scarce stone
that is mined in a remote, mountain region of Nevada. The stone is mined and transported
from the mine to a more stable terrain by mule.

This wolf / coyote wears a turquoise dot neckerchief.

It measures about 2″ long



Very Large and Very Rare

Zuni Fetish Crazy Horse Magnasite Mountain Lion

Carved by Andres Quandelacy




Andres Quandelacy Zuni Fetish Mountain Lion

Rainbow Dolomite with Turquoise Inlay

2 1/2″



Andres Quandelacy Zuni Bear Fetish

Purple Mussel Shell

1 3/4″



Avery Quandelacy Zuni Picasso Marble Horse Fetish




Andres Quandelacy

Very Large Jet Mole



Andres Quandelacy Zuni Fetish Bear

Purple Shell with Turquoise Fish

1 1/2″



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