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Herbert Him

Herbert Him

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Herbert Him is a master fetish carver. He’s been carving for well over 25 years and is  one of the few Zuni carvers to have pursuedformal art training.

While at the University, he came into contact with Alan Houser, who became his mentor and, with whom he studied for over 2 years.

Herbert is a spiritual man, a teacher. The Buffalo and Serpent sculptures below explore Zuni beliefs.

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Zuni Fetish Bear with Shell Fish

Herbert Him

4 1/2″



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Ricolite Serpentine Frog

3 1/2″  long


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Serpentine Turtle

4 1/2″ long


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very large Serpentine Buffalo

5 1/4″ – $695

Kokopelli is a sacred fertility figure

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