Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Abby Quam

Clayton Panteah and Abby Quam

Fetish carvers Clayton Panteah and Abby Quam are noted
for their original designs, their use of high quality natural stone,
 and their perfect inlay.

This is not unexpected considering Clayton is among
 the finest inlayers in the land and his jewelry
 has won numerous awards.

His seamless lapidary work is often
mistaken for being painted on.

Abby Quam Large Zuni Fetish Squirrel
Carved out of Onyx Travertine

3 1/2″ long x 1 1/2″ tall



Abby Quam & Clayton Panteah

Very Large Serpentine Armadillo
< with a Turquoise Heartline >

5 1/4″ long



Abby Quam 1  Abby Quam 2

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