Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces

Zuni Fetish Wolves (coyotes)

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Delvin Leekya Zuni fetish Wolf
Carved out of Rainbow Dolomite with a Abalone Arrowhead
adorned with a Turquoise offering

3 1/4″ long x 2″ tall



Lena Boone Zuni Fetish Coyote
Carved out of red Serpentine with a Spiney Oyster Arrowhead
adorned with a Turquoise, and Coral offering

3 5/8″ long x 2 1/2″ tall



Zuni Fetish Dolomite Fox

 with a turquoise Arrow head and mother of Pearl offering

Carved by Delvin Leekya

3 1/8″


You could look far and wide and still not find another lifelike
Delvin Leekya fox with its head turned



Zuni Fetish Rainbow Travertine Bear
with a Turquoise Arrow head and a Coral branch offering

Carved by Delvin Leekya

3 3/4″



Zuni Fetish Brown Picasso Marble Fox

Carved by Lance Cheama

Lance was among the founders of the lifelike
style of carving. It was primarily he who
helped other Zuni carvers learn this
very difficult carving.

Staley Natewa and Travis Lasiloo are but two
Zuni carvers who learned from Lance.

2 5/8 “



Zuni Fetish Serpentine Wolf

Mother of Pearl Arrowhead and Turquoise / Coral offering

Carved by Dinah Gasper

2 1/2 “


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