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Ceremonial Prayer Feathers
Authentic Prayer Feathers or Ceremonial Fans
made for Native American Church services
 and other religious ceremonies.

Prayer feathers are used to send one’s prayers to the Creator.

While our Prayer feathers are made for Native American use,
 many non Indigenous people use them
 and display them as art.

Patrick Scott - Navajo Prayer Feather Maker


Patrick Scott
The bead work Patrick applies to his ceremonial fans and
 prayer feathers is equally beautiful.  Patrick uses only highest
 quality imported beads and meticulously weaves them
 in original, intricate patterns.


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A word about the care of prayer feathers.
The best advise I can offer is to use them.  The air passing through
 the fan will clean them and keep the feathers looking their best.  Obviously,
you do not want anything heavy on the feathers.  They are light and delicate
 and should be treated accordingly.  Displaying them on a wall is an excellent
 way to enjoy them and keep them safe too.  If you decide to store them,
 a cedar box is best or put cedar chips in the storage box
 or drawer you use.