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Gemstones and their Meanings


Early on Francis Leekya fetishes were small simple carvings
 but later in life he set a standard for the interpretation of traditional Zuni fetishes
 … especially from the Leekya family (Hayes Leekya, Delvin Leekya, Robbie Leekya and
 Bryson Bobelu). Francis produced very few carvings and consequently is not well known.
Francis’ contribution to the History Zuni Fetish Carving history is undeniable.
Sadly, Francis Leekya has gone largely unnoticed by self proclaimed experts.


Francis Leekya is an important Zuni carver… he the son of Leekya Deyuse, the most
famous and collected of all, “the Rembrandt of Zuni Fetish Carving”


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Francis Leekya

Thelma and Lorindia Sheche

“a Zuni fetishcan bring you good luck
protect you from harm”

New Jayne Quam inlaid Fetish Animal Sculptures

Thelma and Lorindina Sheche New Zuni Fetish Carvings

Thelma and Lorindina Sheche Zuni Fetish Carvings

Troy Sice Zuni Fetish Bears and Corn Maidens

Troy Sice Zuni Fetish Bear and Corn Maiden 2011 MONA Collection

Ray Tsalate Zuni Fetishes

Ray Tsalate 2011 Museum of Northern Arizona Collection

Lance Cheama Picasso Marble Mountain Lion

Lance Cheama Picasso Marble Mountain Lion

Dinah and Peter Gasper Zuni Fetish Carvings… there are no more

Hand knapped Arrowhead and Spear Points

Beautiful Hand made Beaded Moccasins

Beautiful Hand made Beaded Moccasins


The Zuni Fetish Exchange

Rare Vintage Zuni Fetish Carvings


Zuni Fetish Meanings

The Use of Zuni Fetishes as a Modern Oracle

Flint and Obsidian Hand Knapped
Arrowheads, Blades, Knives and Spear Points

Gemstones and their Meanings


Photo Guide to over 50 Zuni fetish Carvers


Zuni Fetish Exchange

Detailed Zuni Fetish Sculptures


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