Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces


Zuni Beaded Figures
beaded dolls and animals strung on
 one continuous strand of tiny
 seed and glass beads

Elizabeth Leekya

Sadly, Elizabeth Leekya passed away on January 3, 2005

Pictured is Elizabeth Leekya at work making her beaded bunnies.
 We have a small selection of Elizabeth’s beautiful bead work,
 some are pictured some are not.

Elizabeth Leekya was the daughter of Leekya Deyuse and the wife
Frank Vacit. When she was younger she would inlay the
jewelry made by her husband. Their jewelry is
among the most sought after Zuni
 jewelry ever made.

Later in life, Elizabeth made beautiful beaded figures.
 These figures are made with one continuous thread. Different color
beads are placed on the thread as needed to make the design.

Elizabeth’s daughter Bessy Vacit now carries on this tradition.

Usually, Bead work is associated with Plains tribes.
The beaded breast plate below is a good example.

Zuni people (usually woman) also do beautiful bead work.

Through these beaded figures, Zuni women express Zuni life
 and beliefs, ceremonial figures, dancers, neighbors,
 local events, and occasions.

The beaded figures are often so complex that it leaves the
 observer wondering how they were made.
  They are the result
of only the artists imagination and concentration.
 No patterns or other aids are ever used.

Our Zuni visits never uncover enough of these figures to fill the
 demand. There are not many people capable
 of this detailed work.

Elizabeth Leekya (deceased)

Dancing Zuni Ladies


$54 each


Elizabeth Leekya (deceased)

Zuni Xmas Tree Ornaments
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3 1/2″ tall

$95 Grandmother
$86 Man