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Staley Natewa

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March 2003 – We regretfully announce the passing of Staley Natewa.
 He died of respiratory problems.

Staley was among the top carver in Zuni from about 1998 till his death.
His carvings were magical.

Rarely does any artist, especially a Zuni newcomer, get a “Best In Class” award at the Gallup Ceremonials the first time out.  Staley did. This is especially noteworthy considering the Ceremonials are the domain of Gallup store owners and their Navajo artists.

Gallup was impressed!!

Staley was carving for some years before 1998, but it wasn’t
until Herbert Him and Lance Cheama helped him that his
 fetish carving leaped to a level never
attained before in Zuni.

His first sculpture was a family of 3 lizards, so lifelike that
many people refused to touch it. It was a complex
carving that exploredboth negative and positive
space – never before done in Zuni.

It was a magnificent carving of lizards entwined… touching
 only where they would in nature… so perfectly balanced
 that no matter how youviewed the
sculpture it was alive.

Sedonawolf recognized this great talent and encouraged
Staley to explore further.

In 1999, we entered a sculpture of Staley’s in the
prestigious Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonials
… he was voted the Best Carver in the Show.

He swept the show again in 2000′ winning both Best Fetish Carver under 3″ and over.

He did the same again in 2001′.
Clearly, Staley was one of the top Zuni fetish
carvers to have lived.

Staley Natewa 1  Staley Natewa 2  Staley Natewa 3

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