Zuni Fetish Carvings and Zuni Necklaces


1) Native American Jewelry from Sedona Indian Jewelry

We specialize in rare, unique and authentic Navajo, Hopi and Zuni American Indian Jewelry. Southwest turquoise from Arizona and Nevada has been an ongoing passion of ours for the past 40 years and when paired with beautiful Lapis, Opal, Coral, Sugalite or fine  gemstone from around the world the jewelry just glows.  

To me, this is the ultimate personal adornment. We always set these fine gems in silver and gold and when designed and executed by master Native American silversmiths… its simply magnificent!! And, we are not alone feeling this way for the value of Southwest Turquoise jewelry like this has risen in value for the last 90 years. I gave up collecting when I became a dealer 20 years ago… I can’t serve customers and help artists when I keep the best jewelry for myself… I do not have a personal collection. I do my best to hunt down rare and exciting pieces and then publish them all right here.

We hunt down exciting Native American bracelets, bolo ties, pendants, earrings, rings plus more and offer it all to you… browse our website and prepare to me amazed. We have been working with top Navajo, Hopi and Zuni artists for many years… and have standing orders to buy their finest jewelry. Not only will Native American Jewelry of this quality enhance your appearance…  make you feel great when you wear it but, if history is an accurate forecaster of the future, it will be worth more when you decide to sell it.

We want satisfied customers… a we want your business and work hard to earn it. You deserve a real 100% Guarantee, you are thrilled with your purchase or simply return it (within 3 days of receipt please) for a full refund… sorry, this is not possible on special orders or layaway purchases. However, in those cases we are happy to give you a store credit or exchange.

2) Why Invest in American Indian Jewelry and what should you buy? 

Let’s first address the matter of fake or costume Southwest jewelry… not all Native American Jewelry is made the same. Some of it looks Native American but it is made offshore. Also,most of the turquoise you see today is not real, it is turquoise mixed with resins… these qualities exclude it from being investment quality or to put it another way, jewelry of this sort has little to no chance of being worth more in the future than it is today… probably, if the truth be told, it will be worth less and difficult to sell.

So what is Investment Native American jewelry?
Rule number One, fine Native American Jewelry jewelry should be handmade from precious metals (silver and gold) and contain rare, high quality turquoise, coral and other gems. The turquoise from mines such as Bisbee, Morenci, Lone Mountain, Number Eight, Carico Lake and a few other southwest turquoise mines have a proven history of appreciation… particularly search these out. 

Rule number Two, if the investment aspect appeals to you, the jewelry you buy should be made by recognized, American Indian Silversmiths. That is exactly what we buy and sell. Buy jewelry from award winning silversmiths… jewelry that meets standards set by Leekya, Lolema, Monongya(e) and other greats. Don’t forget younger artists whose work, at the very least, approaches or better yet surpasses, the artistry of these great men and silversmiths who have come before them.

3) Handmade Jewelry by American Indian Silversmiths

Today, Southwest Native American Indian Jewelry is collected worldwide. We have buyers in Japan, China, Europe, North and South America. This Jewelry is art, it’s appeal is timeless. Our jewelry silversmiths are artists. Of particular note, the materials we use… gold, silver, rare turquoise and coral are disappearing and there does not seem to be younger artists learning these skills and techniques.

4) Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry has appealed to people since pre-historic times. It did not reach North America’s Native American people until the late 1800’s. Back then, there were only a few Turquoise mines producing ( mainly Hachita, in New Mexico). About 20-30 years later with the rising demand for copper and advanced mining methods new turquoise discoveries emerged. Mines like Bisbee and Morenci yielded large, beautiful deposits of high grade turquoise. This of course, did not go unnoticed and soon turquoise adorned most American Indian jewelry.

5) History of Native American Jewelry